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Stage Your Palm Beach Home to Sell

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Staged homes often sell for a higher price in a shorter time than homes that aren’t staged. But working with a home stager can get expensive, and fast.

We have worked in real estate for years, and we know a few tricks that can make your home look like it was professionally staged. Your main goal during the showing is to make the buyer feel at home, so it's time to bring out the mops and scented candles. 

9 Staging Tips to Impress Home Buyers

When people think home staging, they start thinking of modern art or the latest furnishings to buy. But actually, the best home stagers know how to do more with less. If you're selling your home in Palm Beach County, Florida, here's how you can stage your home like an expert and impress potential home buyers.

1. Take Out the Clutter, Leave All the Space

It's not the size of the room that matters, it's how you use it. 

Make your property feel even more spacious by removing oversized furniture and cleaning out your closets and drawers. As an added benefit, decluttering now will make your move down the road less complicated. 

2. Remember That Home Buyers are Not Your Guests

Although technically the home buyers are guests in your home, you really want to help them envision living there. You don’t want to make them feel like an intruder by asking them to remove their shoes, or let them find your living room walls adorned with framed family photos. 

It's time to make your living spaces more neutral, so take your personal items out of the living areas and save them for your new home. 

You also don't want to linger at your home during the showing — that immediately tells potential home buyers that they're guests, not the future owners. If you'd like to thank buyers for stopping by, consider leaving out a bowl of wrapped candies and other treats at the front door, along with a small note.

3. Set the Right Temperature

The wrong temperature can turn a home buyer away, so make sure you find a Goldilocks temperature for your home: not too hot, not too cold, but just right. The happy medium is usually around 70 to 75 degrees. 

4. Create the Mood...

If you love cafes, it might be because you enjoy the atmosphere. There's usually a warm aroma floating through the air, pleasant lighting throughout the shop, and soft music seeping through the speakers. 

Here's a secret: you can create that for your home. Try lighting a lavender candle or baking chocolate chip cookies right before the home buyer arrives, and putting on quiet jazz music to create a pleasant mood as the home buyer tours your property.

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5. ... But Go Easy on the Scents.

Keep in mind that people can be allergic to scented candles and deodorizers, so go easy on the aromas. If you have pets, invest in a good carpet cleaner or hire someone to deeply clean your floors. The last thing an interested home buyer wants to smell is Kitty's litter box. 

6. Let The Light In

Show off your home in the Florida sunshine! Opening the windows helps your home feel more inviting, feel cleaner, and look more spacious. So go ahead and pull back the curtains, turn on all the lights, and remove anything that's blocking the warm sun. It makes a world of difference.

7. Appeal to All the Senses

You’ve already done this a little bit with the romantic vignettes and the extra natural light. But you might also try doing so with more tactile approaches as well. This might include draping soft fabrics like velvet or silk over chair arms.

It will help make your house feel more like a home.

8. Entice Your Buyers with Food

It might seem like a gimmick, but it’s a gimmick that works! Palm Beach home buyers love munching on snacks while touring properties. And as an added benefit, it usually encourages them to hang out longer in your home.

So set out some freshly baked cookies, soft drinks, water, or anything else you think will be enticing for buyers.

9. Encourage Feedback

What did home buyers like about your property? What didn't they like? 

Get some feedback from your home showings and see if there's anything you can improve before the next showing. Ideally, at least some of the things buyers dislike can be something you can change before the next one comes along. 

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Sell Your Palm Beach County Home for Top Dollar

Staging is a vital part of the home selling process.

If you are interested in learning more about selling your Palm Beach County home, including detailed staging tips and ways to add value to your property, call us at 561-313-7762 or email reback.david@gmail.com.